VOSOL Ear Drops 35ml

  • VOSOL Ear Drops 35ml

VOSOL Ear Drops 35ml

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Vosol treats and prevents the painful ear infection 'swimmers ear' by absorbing moisture, killing harmful bacteria and inhibiting fungal growth.


Keep Vosol Swimmer's Ear Drops out of reach of children. Warning: Unsuitable for use in the presence of discharge of the ear and perforation of the ear drum. Do not use with ear gromets.
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Propylene Glycol Diacetate 28mg/g, Acetic Acid 22mg/g.


Preventative use: place 2 drops in each ear morning and evening. Treatment of infection: carefully remove all wax and debris before placing 5 drops in the infected ear 3-4 times daily. To prevent infection in unaffected ear, place 2 drops twice daily in unaffected ear.