VERONA Intimate Wash Balanced 250ml

  • VERONA Intimate Wash Balanced 250ml

VERONA Intimate Wash Balanced 250ml

  • Description

Verona Balanced is a dermatologically tested intimate wash for everyday use, specially formulated to cleanse a woman’s intimate area. Its pH balanced formula is enriched with a blend of natural L-Lactic Acid and replenishing ingredients, helping to minimise discomfort whilst protecting the natural microflora of a woman’s intimate area, all day, every day.

Lactoserum is a natural ingredient refined from milk. It is used to stabilize and maintain the protective environment.

Verona has no effect on your fertility or the potency of sperm.

Verona can absolutely be used during pregnancy. It is mild, soap-free and tailored to your intimate area. During pregnancy, your intimate area is particularly vulnerable. Use Verona Balanced, which helps protect against the proliferation of bacteria and maintain the natural balance of your intimate area.


  • Clinically proven mildness. 
  • With revitalizing lactoserum. 
  • Mild, discreet perfume. 
  • Recommended for 25 to 39 years old, pregnancy and post birth.