EARCLEAR Ear Cleanser 100ml

  • EARCLEAR Ear Cleanser 100ml

EARCLEAR Ear Cleanser 100ml

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Despite removing ear wax build-up, it is possible that the ear may become blocked with wax in the future. This is because many of the causes of ear wax build-up are out of the control of the sufferer. It is designed to work with the ear's natural cleansing process by gently washing away excess wax. The specially formulated solution is gentle on the delicate tissues of the ear canal and the flared tip prevents over insertion into the ear.
NOTE: You may experience a clogged ear sensation that quickly disappears once you tilt your head to allow the solution to flow out. Ear Clear Cleansing Spray is also great as a daily ear cleanser, especially for those who work in a dusty or dirty environment. It keeps ears feeling refreshingly clean and clear. It's the gentle alternative to cotton tips!


Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. , If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional. For use in the ear canal only. In case of pain or persisting ear discomfort, discontinue product use and consult your healthcare professional. Do not use if you have ear pain, an ear infection, if discharge is present, swimmer's ear, an ear drum perforation, grommets, balance disorders, unstable insulin dependent diabetes, immunosuppression, had recent ear surgey and if you have hard and/or obstructive ear wax blockage or a foreign item in the ear. Use in children under 12 years only on the advice of a doctor or pharmacist.


Contains Isotonic saline solution pH balanced with bicarbonate. Benzalkonium chloride 0.01%w/v and Disodium edetate 0.05% w/v as preservatives.


Ensure cone nozzle is clicked onto pump sprayer before using. Use 2 to 3 times a week to help prevent wax build-up. Keeping the head upright, pump 3 to 5 sprays into the ear. Gently tilt the head to drain.