CLINICIANS ViraCare 60caps

  • CLINICIANS ViraCare 60caps

CLINICIANS ViraCare 60caps

  • Description

ViraCare contains optimal levels of antioxidants Vitamin A &C plus zinc and selenium. These nutrients concentrate in skin cells and immune cells and are needed in increased levels when the immune system needs immediate support. As these nutrients are key to skin health, ongoing supplementation encourages healthy skin formation.

ViraCare Benefits

  • Provides sustained immune support at the recommended dose, replenishing the key nutrients needed to aid the immune system.
  • Non-acidic vitamin C that stays in the body 4 times longer (up to 24 hours) than normal Vitamin C.
  • Stand-out teen skin formula. Assists in replenishing and maintaining essential antioxidants for skin cleansing, skin maintenance and to maintain healthy glowing skin
  • Can be used for adults or children with safety.
  • Easy for teens to comply with dosing.
  • Vitamin A is used to hold skin cells, and the cells lining the throat, nose and lungs tightly together.
  • Vitamin C feeds the immune system and supports the collagen fibres upon which the cells of the skin, throat, nose and lungs sit on.
  • Zinc is secreted on to skin surfaces, and onto the surface of the cells of the throat, nose and lungs to act as immediate immune support
  • Selenium helps support cellular immune function inside body cells

ViraCare Features

  • Contains a long lasting form of Vitamin C – Calcium threonate
  • A wide ranging flexible dosing formula
  • Contains well known skin nutrients
  • Contains Vitamin A & C, zinc and selenium


Adults and children 14 years and over:

Acute:1 capsule 3 times a day.
Maintenance: 1 capsule daily or as directed.

Children aged 9-13 years:

Acute: 1 capsule 2 times a day.
Maintenance: 1 capsule daily.

Children aged 4-8 years:

Acute: 1 capsule per day.
Maintenance: 1 capsule every other day.


Clinicians ViraCare contains Vitamin A. Individuals with poor liver function, chronic liver or renal disease, alcoholism, or severe osteoporosis should consult their health professional before taking this product.