CARNATION Foot Callous Caps 2pk

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  • CARNATION Foot Callous Caps 2pk

CARNATION Foot Callous Caps 2pk

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A callous is a build-up of dead skin. It has no nucleus or root but can cause pain.

Soft, large ring relieves pressure on the callous to minimize pain

A measured dose of Salicylic Acid to loosen thick layers of dead skin
Corns and calluses are often unsightly. These usually develop on the feet, toes or hands and fingers and these usually appear in thick, hardened layers of the skin. Healthy individuals who are not suffering from any circulatory-related diseases like diabetes can easily handle corns and calluses. By eliminating the source of friction or pressures, corns and calluses can disappear in time.

To help with this area, Carnation Callous Caps is made with a soft large ring that helps relieve the pressure. This will then minimize the pain and in time help the healing process. It also contains a measured dose of Salicylic Acid, to help loosen the thick layers of dead skin.


  • Make sure that the affected skin is clean and dry.
  • After you remove the backing paper, position the felt ring over the callous
  • Put pressure to make sure that it is securely positioned
  • Tip: When the plaster is properly applied, it will not slip nor move
  • Remove plaster after three days and carefully clean the loose skin
  • You may repeat the process if the callous is not yet completely removed

Safety Information

  • Not to be used by diabetics or people with circulatory disorders.
  • If you are under 16 years old or pregnant you should seek medical advice before use.
  • Always read the pack label.