BIOGLAN Kids Calcium 50caps

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  • BIOGLAN Kids Calcium 50caps

BIOGLAN Kids Calcium 50caps

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Bioglan Kids Smart Calcium + Vitamin D3 is a fun, delicious and easy way to help support your kid's daily Calcium and Vitamin D3  intake for healthy growth and development.

Many kids struggle to get enough calcium in their diets -- strong bones are formed during childhood so inadequate calcium can lead to weak bones & problems later in life. The 1st Calcium Burstlet for kids!

Calcium in the children's diet can develop healthy bones to prevent bone problems in later life including osteoporosis.

Calcium is essential for many processes in the body:

Important for skeletal growth and healthy development
Essential for structural support. 99% of the bodies calcium is stored in the bones and teeth
Supports healthy nervous systems and muscle function

Vitamin D3 is important for:

Enhanced calcium absorption from food
Regulation of cell growth and development
Normal bone growth during childhood
Helping to support healthy immune function


Each capsule contains:

Calcium - 220mg  (as Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate Anhydrous: 678mg
Vitamin D3 - 300IU  (as Cholecalciferol as Cholecalciferol Concentrate Oily Form: 7.5mcg)
Phosphorus - 254mg  (as Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate Anhydrous: 678mg)

Contains No: Dairy, Wheat, Gluten

Recommended Dosage

Children 3-8 years: 
Take 1 soft capsule (chewable burstlet) daily

Children 9-12 years: 
Take 2 soft capsules per day.

Or as recommended by your healthcare professional.