OASIS Fruit Smoothie Exf. Mask 50ml

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  • OASIS Fruit Smoothie Exf. Mask 50ml

OASIS Fruit Smoothie Exf. Mask 50ml

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Fruit Smoothie is a multipurpose face mask and face scrub packed full of powerful natural products to leave your skin glowing.

The secret success of Fruit Smoothie is down to the four P’s - Pineapple, papaya, pink grapefruit and pink clay. The fruity P’s provide an enzyme action that brightens the skin and if you have time to leave the Fruit Smoothie to set, then pink clay will draw out any impurities leaving your skin fresh and fabulous.

And we should mention jojoba beads. They don’t start with a P but when it comes to exfoliating they are the BEST for gently scrubbing away lumpy, bumpy skin, dryness and those nasty breakouts and blackheads.

Fruit Smoothie:

  • Leaves skin smooth and exfoliated
  • Acts as a face mask drawing out any impurities
  • Contains active natural ingredients to leave you with glowing skin
  • Can be used to exfoliate hands
  • Suitable for use on lips


Pure NZ water (aqua); simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) wax esters (physical exfoliant); white kaolin clay; sorbitan monostearate (plant based emulsi er); polyoxyethylene sorbitan monostearate (plant based emulsi er); organic honey (NZ honeydew); prunus armeniaca (apricot kernel) oil; butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter; vegetable glycerin; Australian pink clay; aloe vera; cetostearyl alcohol (plant based emulsi er); carica (papaya) extract (enzymatic exfoliant); stearic acid (emulsi er); dehydroacetic acid (and) benzyl alcohol (BioGro approved preservative); citrus grandis (pink grapefruit) essential oil; xanthan gum (food-grade thickener); azadirachta indica (neem) oil 

Usage Instructions

  • Face mask first scrubs second. Apply a thin layer of Fruit Smoothie to the face. Leave on for at least 5 minutes – the longer the better! Then with moistened fingers gently massage it around. When you are done remove with water or a facecloth then tone and moisturise.
  • Reverse it! Scrub first face mask second. Apply and massage it around GENTLY while staring into space. Then leave on so the fruity enzymes and the clay have time to simmer away and do their thing. When you are done remove with water or a facecloth then tone and moisturise.
  • No time? Just use Fruit Smoothie as an exfoliant. Keep it in the shower so you don’t forget.
  • Don’t forget your lips. Oasis Beauty guarantees that your lipstick will look a million times better. Gently scrub a little over your lips. Just don’t eat it as it doesn’t taste as yummy as it sounds. Use 3-4 times a week. Men can get away with using this daily as their hide is a little thicker than the girls.

Safety Information

Not suitable for vegans due to the inclusion of honey. Oasis Beauty is cruelty free.