RADIANCE Beauty Hair&Nail Gummies50

  • RADIANCE Beauty Hair&Nail Gummies50

RADIANCE Beauty Hair&Nail Gummies50

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Radiance Hair, Skin & Nail Beauty Gummies provide essential nutrients in a delicious 99% sugar-free gummies you will love. The ultimate support for beautiful hair, skin and nails from within.

Ingredients are very carefully selected for their beneficial effects on keratin production, essential for strong, healthy and rejuvenated hair, skin and nails.

Biotin forms the basis of the formula, and works alongside all the other nutrients the body requires to support healthy skin, as well as hair and nail growth, condition and strength.

Active Ingredients:

Each Gummie contains:
Vitamin A 1000IU
Vitamin C 45mg
Vitamin D 100IU
Vitamin E 7.3IU
Vitamin B6 500mcg
Folic Acid 100mcg
Vitamin B12 2.5mcg
Biotin 2.5mg
Pantothenic Acid 2.5mg
Iodine 20mcg
Zinc 1.3mg
Choline 19mg
Inositol 10mcg


Adults: Take 1 gummie daily


Excess consumption may have a laxative effect