PV Deer Antler Velvet 250mg 60caps

  • PV Deer Antler Velvet 250mg 60caps

PV Deer Antler Velvet 250mg 60caps

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Deer velvet has been a hero of ancient Chinese medicine for over twenty centuries. It was one of nature's original raw super foods, long before the term became trendy, due to its intense nutritional density.

Deer velvet has been used for everything from enhancing performance in elite athletes to holding off the effects of aging. Although scientists are only beginning to understand the full extent of the benefits of deer antler velvet, thousands of scientific papers have already been written on the biochemical effects that deer velvet have shown in laboratory studies as well as research conducted on its various components and unique composition.

The overwhelming consensus of the research is that deer antler velvet provides a host of benefits to overall health including enhancing the immune system as well as strengthening neurological function and boosting the efficiency of the metabolism.


To be effective deer antler velvet should be collected at the peak of potency, at 60 days old. When harvested at this time it contain a complex biochemical matrix that includes a full spectrum of growth factors, saturated fatty acids, minerals, glycosaminoglycans, phospholipids, components of the extracellular matrix and the complete range of amino acids.

It's simply the most extensive concentration of such a wide array of beneficial building blocks from a single nutritional source that has ever been discovered.

Knowing this, it's no wonder those who supplement with deer velvet report seeing improvements in:

  • Metabolism
  • Muscle mass in body composition
  • Strength
  • Speed of recovery after workouts and injury
  • Immune function
  • Capacity of endurance
  • Balance of mood and hormones
  • Quality of sleep
  • Mental alertness and cognition


    1-2 capsules daily with food (maintenance)

    3-6 capsules (therapeutic)


    Deer Velvet Extract (equiv. to dry)  250 mg
    Also contains encapsulating aids.


    Esteemed for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine, deer antler velvet is becoming an increasingly popular health supplement in the western nations.

    Used by athletes to promote strength, endurance and recovery from training; seniors over 40 years old mostly use velvet to support joint health and comfort, while both young and old benefit from the long term benefits of deer velvet for a healthy immune system as well as weight management.