Nutra-Life Appetite Suppressant 60caps

  • Nutra-Life Appetite Suppressant 60caps

Nutra-Life Appetite Suppressant 60caps

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Want to lose weight? Nutralife has created this very effective Appetite Suppressant Nutra-Fiber that helps support a feeling of fullness. It has four unique dietary fibre ingredients such as guar gum, oat husk, pectin and psyllium. These are both soluble and insoluble fibre sources which can help you feel fuller.

How does Nutra-Fibre Appetite Suppressant works?

The four unique dietary fibre content of Nutra-Fibre has the ability to absorb and increase its matrix than its original size within your stomach thus making you fuller and prevent you to overeat and indulge on many unhealthy foods.

Taking Nutra-Fibre Appetite Suppressant with water each before meal, it will rapidly disperse in your stomach. It gives you the bulk of feeling full for longer periods, enlarges to form a gel greater than its original size, absorbs many times as its own water weight, it has no starch content, no added preservatives such as colour and flavour enhancers, helps you with your goal of losing weight as it controls your diet with effective exercise together.

This product had undergone with the strictest test quality control that assures you the best formulation and guidelines.

List of Ingredients benefits in point form

· Guar gum – it is a fibre from the plant “guar”, used as laxative treating diarrhea, abnormal bowel movement, helps in reducing cholesterol build up, prevents you from gaining weight and diabetes. It has the ability to expand in the intestine making you feel fuller and will suppress your appetite.

· Avena sativa (oat) seed husk dry – this wonderful herb has the ability to soothe, relax the nervous system, more particularly the brain.

· Pectin – this fibre comes from fruits used to prevent cholesterol, high triglycerides and prevention of colon and prostate cancer.

· Psyllium husk powder – aids in reducing blood cholesterol and glucose levels often connected with the risk of heart disease and diabetes.